Wholesale Lollipops in Calgary Alberta

Wholesale Lollipops

Candy Tree Premium Gourmet Lollipops are a unique, high quality, confectionary item that make a significant contribution to retailers profitability.

The Candy Tree Company has the product development, production capability and customer fulfillment experience to support your retail programs whether they are local, regional or national.

  • High retail gross margins
  • High “Impulse Buy” factor
  • High inventory turn ratio
  • Very high revenue per retail sq. ft. ratio (average $2,500 plus annually)
  • Wonderful product value - 25 gram oversized lollipop delivers up to 45 minutes of taste pleasure
  • Unique, eye-catching, 1/4 sq. ft. display
  • A Safe, sweet confection
    › Only 100 calories per lollipop
    › 0 FAT means 0 Trans-Fat
    › gluten free
  • Always fresh - 12 month shelf life
  • 100% quality guarantee - Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Premium ‘Gourmet’ taste in many unique flavours like
    › Pina Colada
    › Root Beer
    › Bubble Gum
    › Hot Cinnamon