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When you want to WOW your Customers, Clients, or Employees! Olivier’s has a deep history of creating successful Corporate Gifts.  Whether your launching a new product/service, celebrating a successful year, or just saying “thank you”, Olivier’s will customize a unique solution to suit your needs.

Some people like to see their name in lights... We say mold it in Chocolate!

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Corporate Logos


Corporate Logos

Custom Molds

Oliviers Christmas Molded Chocolates

Seasonal Molds

Oliviers Custom Molded Chocolate

Everyday Molds

Boxed Chocolates

Oliviers Calgary Boxed Chocolates

Boxed Chocolate

Oliviers Calgary Large Boxed Chocolates

Large Boxed Chocolate

Gift Baskets

Oliviers Deluxe Corporate Gift Baskets Calgary

Deluxe Baskets

500g boxed peanut brittle
140g deluxe chocolate
150g festive bark
Chocolate greeting card
Christmas chocolate lollipop
2 candy canes

Oliviers Premium Corporate Gift Baskets Calgary

Premium Baskets

300g boxed milk bark
500g boxed peanut brittle
200g Deluxe chocolates
200g Mint sandwich
150g Festive bark
150g Coconut brittle
Chocolate greeting card
2 Chocolate Christmas lollipops
2 Candy canes

oliviers-corporate-gift basket-supreme-thumb

Supreme Baskets

300g boxed milk bark
500 gram boxed peanut brittle
400g deluxe chocolates
400g mint sandwich
2-150g Festive bark
150g Coconut brittle
150g Chocolate covered pretzels
Chocolate greeting card
2 Chocolate Christmas lollipops
3 Candy canes

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Olivier's produces a full line of chocolate and candy products for the wholesale and retail market, including assorted deluxe chocolates, hard candy and candy canes, peanut, mixed nut and coconut brittles. The products are marketed under the Olivier's name, or sold in bulk to food distributors and retailers.

Featured Products


Oliviers Beavertail Caramel Covered Pretzel Rods

Pretzel Rods

Oliviers Chocolate Covered Rice Crispy Treats

Rice Crispy Squares

Oliviers chocolate covered licorice

Chocolate Covered Licorice



Oliviers Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle

Oliviers Coconut Brittle

Coconut Brittle



Oliviers Dark Chocolate Bark

Dark Chocolate Bark

oliviers milk chocolate bark

Milk Chocolate Bark

oliviers white chocolate bark

White Chocolate Bark

Hard Candy


oliviers spice mix hard candy

Spice Mix

Oliviers Candy Canes

Candy Canes

oliviers lollipops


Enrobed Chocolates


Oliviers Soft Centre Enrobed Chocolates

Soft Centre

oliviers-traditional-enrobed-nut caramel-thumb

Nut and Caramel

Oliviers Deluxe Enrobed Chocolates


Molded Chocolates


Oliviers European Molded Chocolates

European Molded


Corporate Logos

Oliviers Christmas Molded Chocolates

Seasonal Molds

Oliviers Everyday Molded Chocolates

Everyday Molds

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Hard candy being poured in Olivier's candy store, Calgary, Alberta.

The Olivier's Story - A Tradition Since 1909

Olivier's Candies is one of the oldest continuously operated businesses in Western Canada. We've witnessed the birth of the Province of Alberta, the Great Depression, two World Wars and a few oil booms! Along the way, we've changed a bit, we've grown, we've moved, and we've adapted to a changing market. Despite these changes, we've never lost sight of our purpose to provide the finest confections possible to generations of loyal Customers.

Today, Olivier's crafts a variety of Candy and Chocolate creations. Our old fashioned products, like our European Chocolates, Giant Candy Canes and Creamy Caramel Specialties, are still crafted by hand using century-old recipes and techniques.

Our proud beginnings: Gaspard Olivier moved to Calgary in 1909 in the midst of the first of many economic booms that would strike this Western city. Gaspard established a bake shop in the heart of downtown and soon expanded his bakery offerings to include candy and ice cream. Known as "The Geisha", the brightly decorated shop became a popular social gathering place for Calgary residents on a Saturday evening.

Gaspard sold the original shop in 1913, and soon opened another candy shop in Medicine Hat. By 1924 he was back in Calgary where he set up a candy factory and retail store just two blocks from his original location at 1005 1St. S.W.

For some 50 years, Gaspard and his son Maurice (Bud) Olivier, operated this Calgary landmark until 1971 when the business was sold to Allan and James Jensen. The Jensens were young candy makers from Salt Lake City who quickly found a home in Calgary and expanded the business in the midst of another economic boom generated by Alberta's burgeoning oil and gas sector. In 1971 Olivier's relocated to Inglewood where scores of Calgarians have experienced the glass-fronted candy kitchen watching Candy Makers create delicious Barks, Brittles and handmade Candy Canes.

Wally and Rachelle Marcolin, owners of Oliviers Candies Ltd

In 2002 the business was sold to the current owners, Wally and Rachelle Marcolin. Though the Inglewood factory had become somewhat of a landmark, in 2006 Olivier’s moved to a larger factory in Calgary.

Today, Olivier's utilizes the latest technologies and is a thriving modern operation. Having said that, we still retain the old time flavour and techniques that stemmed from the Family tradition established back in 1909. Our Candy Canes are still made by hand one at a time and many of our recipes (including Peanut Brittle and Caramel that have been Customer favorites for so long) are still made with the original recipes!

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