Fundraise with Lollipops from The Candy Tree in Calgary


One taste and you’ll be convinced that Candy Tree Gourmet lollipops are the absolute best. No one makes a better tasting lollipop and no other product gives your school or group the potential to make as much profit.

Candy Tree has been helping schools and non-profit groups in Canada to meet their fund-raising goals for more than 20 years. We have the knowledge and commitment to back up your group’s efforts 100%.

  • “Super High” Profit (clear up to 50% of the suggested sell price)
  • Order direct and we'll ship direct to your school or office
  • “Unique, Eye-Catching” display
  • Premium ‘Gourmet’ taste in many unique flavours like
    › Pina Colada
    › Root Beer
    › Bubble Gum
    › Hot Cinnamon
  • Wonderful product value - 25 gram oversized lollipop delivers up to 45 minutes of taste pleasure
  • A Safe, sweet confection
    › Only 100 calories per lollipop
    › 0 FAT means 0 Trans-Fat
    › gluten free
  • Always fresh - 12 month shelf life
  • 100% quality guarantee

A few comments from successful Candy Tree Lollipop school fund-raisers:

"Candy Tree Lollipops are a super product. They taste so good that students came looking for more. I can't believe how easy it was to make money for our group."
Student Leader from British Columbia

"My Students love to sell your lollipops. I ordered enough for 30 of my members to sell one bag each. Our group has 50 members and to my surprise they all were begging me to order more so everyone could sell. What a terrific lollipop and terrific fund-raising product! Thanks again."
Advisor from Ontario

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